She In My Dreams

She In My Dreams

Its unbeknown to me
To realize Id be fitting for your testimony
Around the ones we love
The ones we hold and release like doves

Present in a moment and stage in life
Absent from the moment of meeting you for you to be my wife.
Jealousy could haunt the thing we most desire
But if its true our love will burn like fire

If I told you . . . Id seem to aspire
To have tricks or even conspire
To get between your legs
And reach for your sexual stage

I awoke with my mind ablaze
I thought of it for many days
I asked God when I prayed
Was wondering if it was my craze
Seeking purpose and reason
To explain the situation

I think of you daily now
And of the dream when I bowed
Episodes occur
That fazes a blur
Embarrassment and torment
Evicts my moment
To siege a woman that could be chosen

In my dream you glowed
Felt whispers of love like snow

Few in my life could I ever consider
My hearts been broken and at times Im bitter
Loneliness a key but to that I may whither
Difficult to find compatibility with a lover
Let alone try and get along with another

Forever you may
Be my friend till the end of days


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