When Rocks Clap

When Rocks Claps

Love is a bond, held strong by a believer
Love is like a song, that melts on like a jeweler
Believing is a fact, that reacts to your members,
as a man I await for the beauty of your summer.

Poets sing songs, to build a bond to your feelings
but business men strive to survive with your dealings
Mankind only recites, what’s written
lackin the skill to repeat what’s forbidden
Hidden fruits of knowledge, embracing books from college.
Feeding off of holy wattage, with best attempt to maintain the blockage.

Every man, living to himself, ignoring the help

To accuse, like pulling a fuse, to defuse the will of a brother
But who, is it I the fool, maintaining my cool forever.
Man to man don’t exist, but persist, in a gaming arena
Fan claps, to the mega-bits, cause its a laughing hysteria.

Heads split, brothers burned, from pistols
People hit, pass a round, then deny the crystal

I come back with rocks clappin,
sparkin fire, livin on a prayer
no one cares, but request a better fare.

We’ve decided, enslavement, in a new generation
we’ve provided, derangement, in our generation.

So I decide not to live blind,
I believe to seek signs, with the freewill of my mind.

Power in the root, power in the people,
People control, money dissolves, so don’t dissolve the people.

Every man, living to himself, ignoring the help

– Rafael Nazario Jr.

#poetry #poem #creativewriting


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